Strategy Deployment (Hoshin Kanri)

A strategy is useless without a focused implementation. We support our customers intensively in strategy implementation throughout planning, goal derivation and goal coordination between organizational areas, as well as subsequent implementation. We specifically design the approach to the needs of our clients according to the Hoshin Kanri or Policy Deployment approach. To this end, we accompany our clients through the strategy derivation process, strategy meetings, the goal coordination process, the definition and implementation of measures, and the ongoing evaluation and adjustment of the work of a living strategy. We also quickly revitalize stalled strategy projects and seamlessly integrate tools such as Objectives & Key Results (OKR), Balanced Scorecard and approaches such as Value Stream Management into the approach.

Strategy consultancy

Operational Excellence (OPEX)

We support you in the development and implementation of your OPEX strategy. We shape change together with the people involved at the various hierarchical levels. Our range of services includes implementation, consulting and coaching on shop floor management, practical execution of Kaizen, Lean Six Sigma and Design for Lean Six Sigma (DFLSS) projects, comprehensive value stream management and Total Productive Management (TPM). In addition to suitable management workshops, we also work with you to implement customized solutions from our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, Black Belt and Lean Expert qualifications to the development of internal certification for your experts. We work with you from the first Kaizen workshops and optimization projects to the fully developed OPEX system for the entire company, covering all functions of an organization.

Operational Efficiency and Solutions

We solve problems and design operational solutions and efficient structures with your teams. From reducing costs, optimizing quality, aligning the company with customer requirements to making existing structures more flexible and optimizing them, we work with your teams to develop sustainable solutions. Our consultants work systematically from the analysis of potentials to the implementation and acceptance up to the stabilization of results. In most cases, we achieve initial results within a short period of time and overcome even critical challenges together with the people in your organization. We apply our experience in optimizing structures in the following operational areas: product development (product development including launches, complex equipment and systems, service development, software), service, production, order processing, sales and marketing (including eCommerce), service and supporting processes.

Who we are

We are a boutique strategy and implementation consultancy for top performance and excellence. As “interpreneurs” we have been putting our entrepreneurial thinking to work for our clients since 2007. We shape the success of our customers through conceptual strength, emotional intelligence, practical relevance, and the direct implementation of solutions on site. Our value proposition: We drive execution as the key to success. Together with you, we unlock the next level of your organization’s performance.

How we work

We accompany our customers individually from the clarification of the assignment to the sustainable implementation of optimizations, taking into account the organizational culture.
For this purpose, we specifically use a holistic approach in the operational project and design with our clients not only strategies and strategy implementation, but also practical and pragmatic solutions directly on site.

About APC

Our implementation-strong team consists of experts in organizational change processes and corporate strategies. Our consultants are experienced change managers and can design constructive solutions even in challenging situations. Out Partners have extensive practical know-how designing organizations and wide-ranging experience in dealing with and managing people.

Customer Focus

Industry Expertise

We have achieved results with clients from more than 20 different industries to date. It is important to our customers that we do not market the latest hype around methods, but translate sustainable and working solutions into the language and thinking of their own industry, and adapt them to the needs of our clients and their people.

Strategy consultancy

Our Customers

Our customers range from medium-sized companies with 250 employees to global corporations with more than 160,000 people. Our customers face different challenges, have structures that evolved in different ways and face specific requirements. These we take into account in our joint work. In doing so, we scale our team size and form of support as needed from single-person missions to missions for larger teams.

Regional and Cultural Expertise

In addition to our high regional competence through our work for our customers on-site in more than 25 countries to date, we have also achieved a high level of efficiency in working with purely virtual teams from a large number of projects carried out. Consequently, our daily practice is the moderation and guidance of multicultural and diverse teams in a mixed setup of local and virtual interaction.

Strategy consultancy

What counts are results. Period.

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